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If you're planning to purchase LED mirrors for your bathroom

LED Bathroom Mirror Factory
If you're planning to purchase LED mirrors for your bathroom, you can find a manufacturer in China. The factory will allow you to customize the mirrors for your specific needs. The prices of LED mirrors aren't fixed, and you can negotiate the price with the sourcing agent. But before you buy in bulk, you should make sure that the factory you choose meets quality and chemical emissions standards. In addition, you should do a sample inspection to make sure the mirrors are a good fit.
You'll also want to consider the reputation of the factory. You'll want to be sure that the factory has a track record of excellent customer service. You should choose one that is ISO 9001 certified, and a company that uses the latest technology to produce quality products. If you're looking for a top-quality, reputable LED bathroom mirror factory, you'll want to look for a factory with a long history in the industry.
LED bathroom mirrors are a great way to add a contemporary aesthetic to your bathroom. They are typically integrated into the walls and vanities, and they can also double as primary lighting. China is one of the leading countries for LED mirrors, and you can find plenty of suppliers in China. The first step is to decide which type of LED mirror you want. You can choose factory-designed LED mirrors or custom-made LED mirrors.
LED bathroom mirrors are now available with dimmable lights and touch-sensitive glass for more convenience. Some of the models also feature an app for controlling the lights. They can also provide real-time health information. These mirrors are available in several different styles and colors, which allow you to choose the perfect mirror for your bathroom.
If you're planning to buy an LED bathroom mirror, you'll find that they can be tricky to use, so make sure you check the instructions and the warranty before purchasing. In most cases, the wiring is hidden behind a sleek board. If you want your new mirror to be energy-efficient, you'll want to look for a mirror with a high energy rating.
Premium LED mirrors are ideal for precise facial lighting. There are 15 different colours available. The glass must be sturdy and have a good weight. The glass should be between 5 and 6 mm thick. The glass thickness is important, as low quality LED mirrors are made of cheap materials. You can tell a low-quality LED mirror by looking at the edges of the mirror. Fortunately, reputable mirror factories will ensure that the edges of the mirror are smooth.
LED bathroom mirrors are becoming an increasingly popular accessory in bathrooms. These mirrors are designed to withstand the moisture and humidity that bathrooms have. However, it's important to choose the right mirror based on the type of mirror and size that you need.

LM0101 Hotel Frameless Lighted Bathroom Mirror


Party led bathroom  touch smart mirror

Model Number









3000/4000/6500K (Optional)


100~265V, 50/60Hz

Move light toning



4~5mm thickness, HD-No copper silver mirror


10mm thickness, Grind arenaceous (Optional)

Digital clock

SLR mirror display (Optional)

Touch sensor

30~60W (Optional)

Anti-fog membrane

Structural size (Optional)

Bluetooth music

High fidelity (Optional)


PE bag + Pearl cotton + 5 layers corrugated carton



FOB port

Ningbo, Shanghai


2-year limited warranty

Delivery time


Payment terms

T/T, 30% deposit, balance before delivery